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Our comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge SEO tactics with digital public relations to elevate the online presence of your business. Our decade-long experience ensures that NewsroomSEO consistently drives superior results!

Catapult your brand's narrative across a high-caliber network spanning major TV, Radio, and Newspaper outlets throughout the USA. With NewsroomSEO, your content doesn't just reach audiences; it engages and resonates, thanks to our direct integration with Google Maps API, enhancing the visibility of your business listings. Elevate your brand with authoritative distribution and sophisticated content optimization.

Includes 3 Press Releases Per Month

Get Maximized Media Reach with Authentic Sourcing and Credible Attribution!

Feed Google's algorithm precisely what it craves: top-notch content, news, and posts, strategically spread across a wide array of news, media, radio, and blog sites. Elevate your Google rankings by targeting the exact keywords your customers use.


What is a Media/News Room?

The Traditional Media/News Room:

Traditional media/news rooms on company websites serve as repositories for press releases, news updates, and multimedia content. They have always been important for housing corporate communications and providing resources for the media and other stakeholders. However, their functionality is often limited to just hosting and displaying content.
● Content Hosting: Primarily focuses on storing and displaying press releases, company news, and multimedia.● Limited Reach: The content typically remains on the company website, relying on external parties to discover and utilize it.● Passive SEO Impact: While they can contribute to SEO through regular content updates, traditional news rooms often lack active SEO strategies.● Media Relations Focus: Designed more for media and investor relations, with less emphasis on broader audience engagement. Static Presentation: Generally, these rooms offer basic functionality without advanced features for user engagement or content optimization.


Traditional company media/news rooms often lack active SEO strategies and have limited reach, making it difficult for businesses to engage with their audience and boost their online presence.

But imagine a service that not only hosts your press releases and news updates, but also integrates advanced SEO strategies, distributing your content across a network of major media outlets while actively engaging with a broader audience. This service isn't just a concept, but a reality!
We revolutionize the concept of a media/news room, creating a powerful tool to amplify your online presence, drive more traffic, and to establish your brand as an authority in your field, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. With NewsroomSEO, you get more than just a media/news room - you get a comprehensive digital PR platform that takes your business to new heights!

The Enterprise Media Room for Your Business


PR Newswire (Cision) offers enterprise Media Rooms with a setup cost of $5,000 and an ongoing cost of $15,000 annually

NewsroomSEO provides an Enterprise Media Room integrated directly into your existing website with your Web Presence campaign at a fraction of the cost!

    Fully branded and integrated media room on your domain with full SSL included and automatically provisioned
    Build brand equity with quality content and 1,000’s of signals
    Enterprise hosting on Amazon servers with Cloudfront CDN
    Complete news release automation
    Direct integration with all web platforms
    Compatible with ALL website platforms

NewsroomSEO pings our network of news and media sites about your new press release and typically 35-45 of them will publish the article to their authoritative website, generating powerful ranking signals around your target brand, your related website, as well as your Google Business profile listing.


Compare to what our competitors charge!

And you get more social SEO signals with NewsroomSEO!

  • PR Newswire (Cision) offers enterprise Media Rooms with a setup cost of $5,000 and an ongoing cost of $15,000 annually!

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    We provide an Enterprise Media Room hosted and integrated directly into your existing website with your Web Presence campaign at a fraction of the cost!

What is NewsroomSEO?

Maximize Your Digital Impact & Elevate Your Online Presence

NewsroomSEO revolutionizes the concept of a media/news room by integrating advanced SEO strategies, broader content distribution, and dynamic audience engagement. It's not just a place to host content; it's a powerful tool for amplifying your online presence and engaging with a wider audience.
● Integrated SEO Optimization: Every piece of content is optimized for search engines, enhancing your website's visibility and search rankings.● Wider Content Distribution: Beyond hosting on your website, NewsroomSEO disseminates content across a network of major media outlets, social media platforms, and other digital channels, significantly expanding your reach.● Active Audience Engagement: Designed to engage a broader audience, including potential customers, partners, and the wider public, not just journalists and investors.● Enhanced User Experience: Offers a more dynamic and interactive experience with features like real-time updates, multimedia integration, and user-friendly navigation.● Continuous Content Strategy: NewsroomSEO involves ongoing content creation and distribution strategies, keeping your news room vibrant, relevant, and engaging.

Get all the Benefits!

    Greater Online Visibility: With SEO-optimized content and wider distribution, your news and updates gain more online traction.
    Enhanced Brand Authority: Regularly updated, high-quality content across diverse platforms establishes your brand as an authority in your field.
    Increased Traffic and Engagement: By reaching a wider audience and engaging them effectively, NewsroomSEO drives more traffic to your website and encourages interaction.
    Measurable Impact: With integrated analytics, you can track the performance of your content and understand its impact on your business goals.

NewsroomSEO elevates the traditional media/news room from a static content repository to an active, strategic tool that significantly boosts your brand’s digital presence, audience engagement, and overall online authority!

Our platform creates a permanent archive of every PR pickup from every site. Permanent PR archiving preserves the presence of the PR on all media sites + creates a permanent link for the PR for each of these media site pickups.


Unleash the Power of Precision SEO

Elevate Your Digital Game with Our Comprehensive SEO Toolkit


Advanced Keyword & Competitive Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with NewsroomSEO's Advanced Keyword & Competitive Intelligence. Dive deep into the heart of your market's search behavior. Our sophisticated algorithms and expert analysis pinpoint the exact keywords your audience is using, giving you a competitive edge that translates into higher rankings and enhanced visibility. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding not just what your customers want, but also how your competitors are responding.


Comprehensive On-Page SEO and GMB Optimization

Elevate your website and Google My Business listing to new heights with NewsroomSEO's Comprehensive On-Page SEO and GMB Optimization. Experience a tailored approach that fine-tunes every element of your online presence, from meta tags to local listings. Our meticulous optimizations ensure that your website and GMB profile are not only visible but irresistible to both search engines and potential customers. Witness a transformation that enhances user experience and drives traffic right to your doorstep.


Authoritative Content Creation & Distribution

Step into the spotlight with NewsroomSEO's Authoritative Content Creation & Distribution. Our team of expert content creators crafts compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry. But we don't stop there – our robust distribution network ensures your content reaches far and wide, across major TV, radio, and newspaper platforms, amplifying your voice and solidifying your authority in the digital world.


Signal Generation for Maximum Visibility

Transform your online footprint with NewsroomSEO's Signal Generation for Maximum Visibility. Beyond traditional link building, our strategy involves creating a symphony of signals – from brand mentions on high-authority domains to real traffic behavioral cues. This holistic approach ensures a robust online presence, enhancing your brand's reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of both Google and your customers. Embrace a future where your business doesn't just appear in searches – it dominates them.


Tailored SEO Strategies for Diverse Markets

Experience bespoke SEO solutions with NewsroomSEO's Tailored SEO Strategies for Diverse Markets. Recognizing that every business is unique, we craft personalized SEO strategies that align perfectly with your specific industry requirements and audience preferences. From local businesses to global enterprises, our customized approach ensures that your SEO efforts are not just effective, but also resonate with your target market. Embrace a strategy that's as unique as your business, driving relevant traffic and building a strong online presence that reflects your brand's identity and values.


Managed Enterprise Media/News Room

Amplify your brand's story with NewsroomSEO's Managed Enterprise Media Room, a powerful platform for broadcasting your latest news and achievements. Seamlessly integrated into your website, our media room serves as a dynamic hub for all your press releases, articles, and multimedia content. This fully branded, SSL-secured space is hosted on premium Amazon servers, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability. Engage audiences and build brand equity with a professional, up-to-date media room that showcases the best of what your business has to offer.


How We Work with You

A Collaborative Journey with NewsroomSEO

At bPUBLIC, our approach to enhancing your online presence is a blend of personalized strategy, collaboration, and expert execution. The journey with us begins with an in-depth discovery phase, where we immerse ourselves in understanding your unique business needs, goals, and challenges. Our dedicated team, as depicted in the image alongside, then crafts a customized SEO strategy using NewsroomSEO, tailored specifically to your business landscape. This strategy is brought to life through meticulous implementation, where every aspect of NewsroomSEO is leveraged to maximize your digital footprint. But our work doesn't stop there. We continuously monitor and optimize your campaign, ensuring ongoing improvement and alignment with your evolving objectives. While we might not provide real-time analytics, we believe in keeping you informed every step of the way with regular, insightful updates and reports. Your feedback and involvement are vital to us; it's a collaborative effort where your input is as crucial as our expertise. Together, we not only aim to achieve your SEO goals but to surpass them, making your journey with us both rewarding and transformative.

Our Step-By-Step Process

We are guided by clear and long-term cooperation with clients. Look through the process of our work.


Introduction to Our Process

At bPUBLIC, our collaboration with you is the cornerstone of our success. We begin our journey together with an in-depth understanding of your unique digital needs. Our team, equipped with NewsroomSEO expertise, is dedicated to transforming your online presence through a blend of innovation, strategy, and partnership.


Discovery and Strategy Development

Every successful campaign starts with discovery. We dive deep into your business’s ethos, goals, and competitive landscape. This critical phase allows us to craft a NewsroomSEO strategy that’s not just effective but also bespoke to your brand’s unique narrative in the digital world.


Implementation and Execution

Once the strategy is set, our team springs into action. We meticulously implement the tailored plan, utilizing the multifaceted features of NewsroomSEO. The process is dynamic, with our skilled professionals adapting tactics to ensure every aspect of your digital campaign thrives.


Monitoring and Continuous Optimization

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so is our approach. We continually monitor the performance of your campaign, making data-driven adjustments. This ongoing optimization process ensures that your strategy not only meets but exceeds the desired outcomes.


Client Involvement and Feedback

Your input is invaluable to us. We believe in a collaborative approach, where your feedback and insights play a critical role. This synergy between your vision and our expertise is what makes our strategies resonate and yield tangible results.


Start Your Success Story!

Ready to elevate your digital presence? Let’s embark on this journey together. Contact us today to learn more about how NewsroomSEO by bPUBLIC can unlock your brand's true digital potential. Reach out to start the conversation and take the first step towards a transformative digital strategy.

Why Choose NewsroomSEO?

Your Key to Unlocking Online Potential

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, standing out is more challenging than ever. That's where NewsroomSEO by bPUBLIC makes the difference. Our service isn’t just about enhancing your search engine rankings; it's about forging a path for your brand to excel in the digital arena. Here's why NewsroomSEO is the preferred choice for businesses seeking substantial and lasting online impact:

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    Bespoke Strategies Tailored to Your Business

    We understand that your business is unique. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, NewsroomSEO offers personalized strategies, meticulously crafted to align with your specific business goals and market dynamics.

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    A Proven Track Record of Success

    Our methods are backed by a decade of experience and success stories. From local businesses to global enterprises, NewsroomSEO has consistently delivered outstanding results, as evidenced by our numerous client testimonials.

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    Comprehensive Solution Suite

    NewsroomSEO is more than just SEO. It's a comprehensive digital PR platform, combining SEO excellence with authoritative content creation and distribution, ensuring your brand's message resonates across the digital landscape.

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    Continuous Innovation and Adaptation

    The digital world is constantly changing, and so are we. NewsroomSEO stays ahead of the curve, continually adapting and employing the latest SEO tactics and technologies to keep your business at the forefront.

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    Your Partner in Growth

    At bPUBLIC, we view ourselves as an extension of your team. We're not just service providers; we're your partners in growth, dedicated to seeing your business thrive in the digital world.

Your journey to prominent online visibility and enhanced digital authority starts with NewsroomSEO. Embrace the future of digital marketing with a partner who understands and is equipped to navigate the complexities of the online world.

Ready to Transform Your Digital Presence? Contact Us Today to Get Started with NewsroomSEO.

Client Reviews

We're very grateful for every review you leave.


Jordan T.

Peak Fitness Gym

Boosting Our Local Presence

"Before NewsroomSEO, we struggled to make a mark on local maps and organic searches. Their team not only enhanced our local visibility but also drove significant traffic to our site. Their meticulous approach to local SEO has been a game-changer for us. Plus, bPUBLIC’s commitment to crafting the first press release each month has been invaluable. It’s effortless on our part yet so impactful on our bottom line."


Emily R.

FreshBites Café

Local Search Transformed

"I'm amazed at the difference NewsroomSEO has made in our local maps and organic results. We've seen a noticeable increase in foot traffic and online inquiries since partnering with them. The ease with which bPUBLIC handles our monthly press releases is incredible. Their expertise not only saves us time but also ensures we consistently make an impact in our community."


Carlos G.

GreenTech Innovations

A Significant Impact on Local Results

"Working with NewsroomSEO has significantly improved our visibility in local search results. We’ve experienced a boost in customer engagement both online and in-store. What’s more, bPUBLIC's handling of our monthly press releases has been seamless and effective, contributing greatly to our bottom line. Their tailored approach to local SEO is simply outstanding."


Sarah L.

Bloom Boutique

Remarkable Local SEO Success

"Our experience with NewsroomSEO has been nothing short of remarkable. Their strategies have elevated our presence in local maps and organic searches, bringing in more local customers than ever before. The added bonus of having bPUBLIC write our first press release every month has made our marketing efforts more streamlined and impactful. It’s a complete package that truly benefits our bottom line."


Kevin D.

Urban Architecture Studio

Ease of Marketing with Measurable Results

"NewsroomSEO has revolutionized our local SEO. We've seen tangible improvements in our local map rankings and organic search presence. And the ease of having bPUBLIC write our monthly press releases means we can focus on other aspects of our business while still making a significant impact in our marketing. Their service is an essential part of our success."

Your all-in-one solution for web presence, SEO, and digital marketing excellence. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to elevate and empower businesses across the globe.

Feel free to call us: +1 (234) 567 89 00

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